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What is Fitness Therapy? 


Walking, Boxing, lifting weights and Talking Therapy

Walk + Talk Therapy is about being in nature. The client and the therapist are outside walking during therapy (weather permitting. Research shows that exercise can significantly decrease anxiety and depression while improving overall mood.  Walk + Talk Therapy encourages clients to be more physically active to promote both mental and physical health.   Walk + Talk Therapy also allows clients to be in the open air and at one with nature, after being in the health and fitness industry for over 35 years and now a qualified counsellor and psychotherapist. I have integrated walking counselling and psychotherapy sessions to deepen and expand the therapeutic experience. 

Benefits from Walking and Talking Therapy?

Individuals/groups who...

  •        Would like to create a significant change in their lifestyle by integrating physical exercise                  with talk therapy.

  •        Exploring alternatives to the face-to-face, therapeutic approach inside. 

  •        Would benefit from effects of walking in nature and fresh air.

  •        Increases energy and allows clients to feel less inhibited and more in touch with their feelings.

  •        Increases confidence and feelings of empowerment.

  •        Increases physical and cardiovascular health.

  •        Decreases depression and anxiety symptoms.

  •        Start walking as a fitness routine and as a way to maintain an active lifestyle.

Fitness Therapy

Fitness Therapy combines exercise with psychotherapy. Individual Fitness Therapy sessions go above and beyond what you can receive from a traditional trainer—they will enable you to become motivated, goal-oriented, and empowered while simultaneously strengthening your body. Through fitness therapy, you will address the behaviour patterns that are no longer beneficial for you and learn a new way to integrate health and fitness into your life. 

Who could benefit from Fitness Therapy?

Individuals and groups  (Teens and adults) who are looking to...

Create a significant change in their lifestyle by integrating fitness, and healthy habits, and fostering more positive ways of thinking and living through a safe and supportive approach. 

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